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Do moose like a bargain too?

Hanna and Elk Mountain host community garage sales, Elk Mountain gets bull moose as lookie-loo


Saturday marked the first time both the towns of Hanna and Elk Mountain introduced community garage sales.

Hanna started at 8 a.m. with the Hanna Recreation Center being the place to see objects from a few families at various tables outside the center. It was also the location to get street maps to four other homes having garage sales.

Tina May was the coordinator for Hanna's First Inaugural Community Yard Sale, although she said it was actually the work of many people pulling together to make it happen.

"I don't expect a huge turnout because this is the first time," May said, but she was pleased with the number of people that had shown up.

Her daughter Danni May had a lemonade stand with cookies to give customers something to eat and drink while they perused the different items available for purchase.

The town of Elk Mountain also had a community yard sale at their park under the wooden pavilion near the playground. Linda Edmunds was the organizer for the town's event. Buyers could not only find objects of purchase from different households at the tables, but there was a Elk Mountain phone book with pictures of residents when they were children available as a fundraiser for Elk Mountain.

There was one visitor to the Elk Mountain Annual Yard Sale who caused commotion when he appeared.

A bull moose approached the vendor's area, but he didn't see anything he liked and left.

Although people steered clear of him, the moose made the first yard sale by the community a memorable one.


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