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You may have noticed the Saratoga Sun now covers a larger portion of Carbon County.

We have recently began to cover Hanna, Elk Mountain and Medicine Bow on a more regular basis.

There are several reasons this has come to be.

There are developments, both social and economic happening in those areas that are, and will be, of interest to the entire county.

We have been witnessing a rebirth of sorts in businesses growth and an overall improvement in terms of positivity in the northern end of the county.

The Saratoga Sun has also been fortunate enough to add a reporter with ties to those communities which makes covering these towns a much easier task.

In covering these towns, you the reader will notice that sometimes there are more Hanna stories. Some weeks we will have more Encampment stories, Saratoga events and so on.

That is the nature of news.

The Saratoga Sun will continue to report on our core areas and promise not to lose sight of our roots in our endeavor to bring even more local news to you.

That being said, the feedback we have received from Saratogans has been entirely positive.

No one has let us know that we might be overstepping our bounds. On the contrary, people who have bothered to say anything have welcomed the additions.

This expansion has had other tangible benefits.

In a story we ran about a girl with Hanna connections who was battling cancer, we mentioned that the girl had been adopted and the family had no idea where her brothers had gone.

A Saratoga resident who did know where the location of the girl’s brothers read that story and let the Hanna family know.

Now the little girl can look forward to meeting some more family.

We like to feel our close-knit communities can stand to know more about our not-so-far-away neighbors.

As always, the Saratoga Sun welcomes knowing about stories that are happening in any of our communities.

Stop by, give us a call or email us and we will do our best to let the public know about your endeavors, circumstances or accomplishments.


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