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Pedaling excitement

Bike rodeo draws crowd to learn bike safety, upkeep


Jeff Niemark, Marshal of Hanna, and Mark Shipp, principal of Hanna Elementary School, had hoped for a positive experience for students attending the Bike Rodeo on Friday at Hanna Elementary School. They got it judging by the smiles from participants, teachers and parents.

There were preschoolers, along with elementary students testing their biking prowess through obstacles of cut in half tennis balls and orange road cones. Staying between two straight chalk lines seemed to challenge most of the riders, but there were a few students who went through the test flawlessly to applause from onlookers.

Approval from the audience was constant as children went through grasping the concepts of turning and stopping on their bikes. Many of the students wore helmets donated by St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Saratoga. Rose Vaughn, a resident of Hanna, also donated helmets to the event.

“This was definitely an exciting time for the kids, thanks to Mr. Shipp and Ralph Hicks, setting up the order of how to proceed,” said Neimark. “It has been fantastic.”

The Rodeo not only focused on rules and safety of the road, but also equipment to wear and bike maintenance.

Hicks, a resident of Saratoga, came to Hanna with Mike Day to offer a bike clinic to fix bikes that needed some repair. Hicks, in conjunction with St. Barnabas, gave free refurbished bikes to children in need as part of the Bike For Kids Program.

Hicks, 82 years old is going strong in his desire to see all children with a safe bike to ride. Day was there to assist Hicks in repair of bikes coming up to their station for checkup.

Safety, rules of the road and bike care were taught in a fun way for about 80 children, thanks to efforts of people who care for children and bikes in the East Carbon County community.


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