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Large auto registration, license fee increase chosen to aid state revenues


Amongst shrinking tax revenues in the state, Wyoming drivers will be paying more for car registrations and drivers’ licenses, according to new rules enacted by the state Legislature and allowed to become law by Governor Matt Mead.

Under the legislation, state registration fees for private vehicles will increase an average of about 94 percent and commercial vehicle registrations will cost about 10 percent more. All types of drivers’ licenses and permits will double in price.

The new prices will take effect July 1.

The cost of registering a private passenger car will double from $15 to $30 plus road use tax, and the price of registering a motorcycle will go up from $12 to $25 plus road use tax.

The cost to register school buses will increase from $10 to $25. Private vehicles that are registered by weight, such as trailers, will also see increases in those fees by an average of 90 percent.

County registration fees, determined by a car’s age and value, are not increased under the law.

Commercial vehicle registration fees, which are set by weight, will increase about 10 percent.

Drivers’ license fees will also double for all classes and endorsements. Drivers’ licenses and learner’s permits will increase from $20 to $40. Commercial drivers’ licenses will double from $25 to $50, and commercial licenses that require skills testing will increase from $40 to $80.

The bills were passed by the legislature earlier in the month and were not signed by the governor. Under the Wyoming constitution, if the governor neither signs nor vetoes a bill passed by the house within three days, the bill automatically becomes law.

The last time Wyoming raised vehicle registration fees was 1975.


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