Valentine's squawks!


Valentine’s Day is upon us, and what better and more romantic gift for a loved one than a serenade?

In honor of this honored tradition, members of the Valley Service Organization (VSO) will take to the streets of Saratoga Tuesday reviving the tradition of the Saratoga Sweetheart Squawkers.

The Sweetheart Squawkers will make their rounds delivering musical Valentines starting at 1 p.m. Feb. 14. Those who wish to send the Squawkers to serenade their sweethearts, friends, or business associates may do so by paying a $5 delivery fee, according to VSO Secretary Carol Sherrod. Recipients of the serenades may send the Squawkers on to another stop, again by paying the $5 fee. Sherrod warned that unless the fee is paid to send them on, the Squawkers may become Squatters. To order a serenade, call Sherrod at 307-326-5937.

Proceeds from the Serenades will be used for VSO projects. The main beneficiary of this project is the annual $500 Youth Citizenship award presented to a graduating Valley senior.


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