Winter Carnival preparations

Encampment council preps for carnival, thank town workers


Preparations for Winter Carnival, and thanking town employees were top at Encampment Council Meeting

The Encampment Town Council swore in two members before moving quickly through routine business and preparations for the upcoming Encampment Winter Carnival. The council then passed on thanks to town workers from community members and approve equipment for a new volunteer firefighter.

The council swore in Kimberly Loftice and Bill Craig. Loftice is an incumbent to the office, whereas Craig is a newcomer to the council.

After the swearing in, the council got directly to business approving previous minutes and paying the town’s bills. The council then held a third and final reading of a draft ordinance that would prevent anyone from occupying a building to which water or sewer services have been discontinued for non-payment or a fault in the plumbing systems.

Under the ordinance, it would be a violation to inhabit such a building after a 14-days grace period. Any person doing so would be subject to a $750 fine each day they occupy the structure beyond the 14-day grace period. Council members voted to pass the third reading of the bill after a few minutes’ debate on what constitutes “notice” under the ordinance.

Police Chief Grayling Wachsmuth told the council that notice could be made legally in person, or by affixing a placard to the structure in a conspicuous place if the persons could not be served personally.

The council then moved on to housecleaning issues for the beginning of the year. The council designated the town’s official banks, newspaper and posting places. Council person Loftice was also listed as a second signatory for bank accounts, allowing her to sign financial instruments for the town should Mayor Greg Salisbury not be available to do so.

The board also voted to spend $1,775 for bunker gear for a new volunteer firefighter for the town’s fire department. They had tried all existing equipment, but none of what they had on hand fit the new firefighter well, the council said. Adding that the new volunteer is young and seems eager to participate in the department, the council voted to purchase new gear for the firefighter.

The council then voted to close streets for the upcoming Winter Carnival, as well as fund advertising and prize money for the event and voted to approve a catering permit for the Jan. 28 Casino Night at the Encampment Opera House. The council also voted to advertise for the town’s dog clinic, where vets visit and provide vaccinations for area dogs without the need of the owner traveling to get their pets vaccinated.

With the conclusion of the council’s business, mayor Greg Salisbury took a moment to address the council as well as a town employee in attendance about the job town employees had been doing during the recent snowfall. Salisbury said he had received calls from members of the public commending the town employees and wished to pass on the kind remarks.

“They want to commend all you guys, all the employees of the town, for doing such a fantastic job for going out and (helping with snow removal),” Salisbury said. “Especially the elderly, but they were all in agreement about everything you’ve done helping to dig them out.”

“There are numerous people that are very, very thankful for your effort,” Salisbury said.

The next meeting of the Encampment Town Council will be 7 p.m. Feb. 9 at Encampment Town Hall.


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