State Canvassing Board certifies election results


Courtesy Wyoming Secretary of State's Office

The Wyoming State Canvassing Board certifies the general election Nov. 16.

Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray and the Wyoming State Canvassing Board certified Wyoming's General Election Results the morning of Nov. 16. The State Canvassing Board is comprised of: Governor Matt Mead; Secretary of State Ed Murray (chairman); State Auditor Cynthia Cloud; and State Treasurer Mark Gordon.

"The 2016 election results are now officially complete. Today the Wyoming State Canvassing Board examined and certified the election results from 98 state- and federal-level races across Wyoming – including the race for President of the United States. In total, 258,788 Wyoming voters cast their ballot and made their voices heard. It's been an honor to chair the State Canvassing Board and also to oversee this state's election," said Secretary Murray.

Governor Mead and Secretary Murray will both sign a certificate of election for each of the 60 elected Representatives in the Wyoming House, 15 elected Senators in the Wyoming Senate, and one certificate for Wyoming's newly elected U.S. Congressional Representative. The Governor and Secretary of State will also sign 21 certificates of retention for retained Wyoming Supreme Court Justices, and State District and Circuit Court Judges. The Board also certified the results of the "Constitutional Amendment A" ballot question.

Governor Mead and Secretary Murray will hold a joint event for members of the public and the media to witness the signing of certificates of election and ascertainment for presidential electors. The signing will take place 8 a.m. Friday, Nov. 18, in the Kendrick Gallery Conference Room adjacent to the Idelman Mansion.

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