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I appreciate opportunity to answer the editorial comment on my letter last week. The government report referenced compares wind turbine power when the turbine actually spins. The problem is the wind doesn’t cooperate 24 hours a day. The extra expense to a contract electricity supplier who has to supply electricity 24 hours a day occurs as they either have to invest in reliable alternative back-up generation or buy very expensive electricity (open market source.) Please verify this fact with Wyoming Electric Cooperative, consumer owned.

Another inefficiency is multiple sources (hundreds of turbines) are a management nightmare to blend and controll compared to one large source centralized location. This causes much more expense per kilowatt production. Ask Sinclair Refinery if Warren Buffet’s Rocky Mountain Power has surge and brown-out issues that cause havoc refining oil, caused by wind turbine electricity with controll problems around Medicine Bow. This is almost like trying to controll the weather.

My analysis verifies the political pressure to vilify carbon fuels. (You can build a coal-fired power plants, but you will go broke, because we will raise taxes to put you out of business - Barack Obama.) Thus investors have no choice but to follow the subsides of renewable and be politically correct “green” at the same time. Investors can’t care that taxpayers subsidize inefficient energy sources and power consumers have to pay more for electricity, they have to invest in what is available. When the large advantage carbon rules have in storability and transport finally is demonstrated, investors will be back. I stand by my previous analysis that people in this country are being shaken down and cheated by the carbon scam.

Our country is almost 20 trillion dollars in debt with Gross Domestic Product of 19 trillion dollar per year. About half the debt has been accumulated in the last 8 years. How many people realize a bankrupt country is just around the corner? Now is the time to recognize stupid government policies and take action to change course.

Thank you for your time and consideration


Scott Kerbs, Saratoga


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