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Senior Center Menu

Wednesday: Meatloaf, rice pilaf, spinach, wheat bread, peaches, milk

Thursday: Chicken/dumplings, asparagus, wheat roll, fruit cut, milk

Friday: Salisbury steak/gravy, baked potato, steamed carrots, wheat bread, cherries, milk

Monday: Baked ham, scalloped potatoes, broccoli, wheat bread, pineapple whip, milk

Tuesday: Beef stew, tossed salad, cheese/onion roll, purple plums, milk

Saratoga School

Wednesday: Soft shell beef taco, lettuce/tomato/salsa, corn, fruit and vegetable bar, mandarin oranges, milk

Thursday: Chicken nuggets/BBQ, carrots, fruit and vegetable bar, pineapple, cinnamon roll, milk

Monday: Rib-B-Q/bun, sweet potato wedges, fruit and vegetable bar, peaches, milk

Tuesday: Lasagna, broccoli, fruit and vegetable bar, breadstick, pears, milk


Wednesday: Breakfast; Breakfast pizza, juice, milk. Lunch; Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes/gravy, peas, hot rolls, milk, fruit and vegetable bar 2

Thursday: Breakfast; Breakfast burrito, juice, milk. Lunch; Chicken nuggets, veggies, barbecue sauce, blueberry muffin squares, milk, fruit and vegetable bar 2

Monday: Breakfast; Muffin, fruit yogurt, juice, milk. Lunch; Chili con carne w/ beans, crackers, veggies, pineapple, cinnamon rolls, milk, fruit and vegetable bar 2

Tuesday: Breakfast; Breakfast biscuit, juice, milk. Lunch; Corn dog, veggies, apples, banana bread squares, milk, fruit and vegetable bar 2


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