Write-ins tallied


Write-in candidates in municipal races across the Valley have been notified by certified mail that they crossed the three-vote threshold to be listed on ballots in the general election in November. Those who accept their neighbors’ nomination have five days following the receipt of a certified letter from the election clerk to pay a $25 listing fee in order to appear on general election ballots.

In Saratoga, Glee Johnson and Steve Wilcoxson have accepted their nominations and paid the fee to appear on the ballot. Louis Braun has also been notified that he cleared the threshold in Saratoga, but he has not yet said whether he will appear on ballots. Those write-ins who accept will face Jennie Lou Ivory in the November race for Saratoga Town Council.

In Riverside, Katie Cheesbrough was notified but has not yet accepted her write-in nomination. If she does, Cheesbrough will face Liz Swynarczuk in November.

Cody Jones, of Elk Mountain has also been notified, but has not yet accepted as well. Jones would face Shelly Bradford and Dawn Kenneda.

In Medicine Bow, Sharon Kahl accepted her write-in nomination, and she will face Cynthia Chace, Sheila McCleary and Sharon Sullivan come November.

Three people have already accepted their nominations in the wide-open race for Hanna town council: Craig Christie, Linda Schisel and Charlyn Tanner. In that race, Robert Patton has also been notified that he cleared the threshold, but he has not yet accepted the nomination.

No one cleared the higher, 25 vote threshold to be a democratic candidate for Carbon County Commissioner alongside Kenda Colman. In November, Colman will face three Republican incumbent commissioners: Sue Jones, Lindy Glode and John Espy.


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