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Dear Saratoga Sun,

I would like to apologize to the patrons of the Rawlins Library. I was not there today to unlock the doors and welcome you. I was not there to help you with the computer, answer your questions, or direct you to the local businesses.

At this point the Main library no longer has enough staff to operate, let alone provide services to the other seven branches. There is no one to process new books or items for any of the libraries. There is no one to order supplies; or pay bills. Being one of the 2 remaining part time Information Specialists (Front Desk personnel) left at Rawlins, I felt it would be unsafe to continue to work covering both Rawlins and Sinclair Libraries.

I also find myself unable to work for a library board who, for whatever reason, does not like or respect the employees at the Rawlins library. I cannot understand how a board can hire a professional to direct the libraries and then totally disregard or discount the information she brings to them.

I also cannot work for a system where a county commissioner, Sue Jones, can openly state she is not a library patron but who can threaten and dictate which employees are relevant to the library system. It is simple politics when she can present her budget at a library board meeting, already having discussed it with two board members, who promptly pass it with total disregard for the information being presented by the Library Director, a professional Library Director which they had hired. It is purely political when she can then state how she has saved all the branch libraries. It is a shame she did not consider Rawlins as part of that same system of libraries.

Again, I apologize to the public as ultimately they are the ones who pay the price of these small town politics. I for one will remember the Commissioners and the contribution they made to the Rawlins Library come election time this year.


Palma Jack,

Former Information Specialist

Carbon County Library


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