What's going on upriver?


Courtesy USGS

Nichole Douglas, in water, and Kyle Davis sample for water quality chemical constituents. Once they collect the samples, they drop them off to the USGS National Water Quality Lab where data are gathered and compiled.

The Platte Valley Habitat Speaker Series will host a presentation by Robert Kimbrough, United States Geological Survey (USGS) Associate Director for Hydrologic Data, about water quality in the North Platte River at 7 p.m., June 27 at Saratoga Town Hall.

The referenced study, conducted at Northgate on the North Platte River from 2012-2015, is a summary of baseline water quality sampling and results for organic contaminants in stream bed sediment. Kimbrough will also report on several additional sites in North Park, all located along North Platte River tributaries. In short, the meeting will provide information about what exactly is present in Saratoga's famed river. It is open to all persons interested.

One of the goals of this presentation is to disseminate as much water-quality data as possible to as many people as possible and to broaden horizons to include to significance of North Park water to the Platte as it exists in the Valley. Current water quality is particularly timely given recent active oil and gas drilling in North Park. This water quality sampling project was funded by the USGS, Saratoga-Encampment-Rawlins Conservation District, George B. Storer Foundation, Parks Range Ranch, Platte Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited and Laurel Hardin.


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