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Kudos to Saratoga



Kudos to Mr. Winter and the town for handing what needed done to shore up the bridge prior to high water. Anyone who has looked at the North Platte River in the past month can see it has been carrying so much sediment that a few, or even a hundred, trips across it with equipment was not going to materially influence turbidly of the river to any significant degree.

For a little perspective, we just need to think about what has made this river a great fishery. For over a hundred years ranchers have been working in the river and tributaries from mid-March to mid-May to divert muddy floodwaters onto their hay meadows. That work performed two main functions. First, the meadows filter sediment from the water, returning it cleaner than they found it. Second, those meadows act as a sponge, returning cool water in July and August to keep some instream flow for both fish and boaters. The best part is that ranchers performed that service free of charge to the public and with minimal governmental involvement.

This country works best when people just do what needs done without making a big fuss about it. In my mind, this is a case of the town operating under that principle. They deserve a pat on the back for that.

James Sewell, Saratoga


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