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The Town has been approached by Jared Mason, SHS teacher, to see if the Town can use the services of four of his students in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) to help them earn money to go to Atlanta, Ga., in June to compete at nationals. They need $4,500 for this.

Mr. Winter knows we need extra muscle at the Saratoga dog park to do repairs to the holding enclosure to eliminate dangerous ice and snow between the holding pen gates.

The 39-foot dirt path between the gates gets dug down over time by the enthusiasm of dogs excited to get to the full four-acre enclosure.

Last winter, due to huge snow drifts then spring melting and refreezing, this path became dangerous to every park user.

The town has supplied about two yards of sand and gravel to be used to raise this path about three inches.

Ruth and I have asked Jon for some younger muscle than our older volunteers to shovel and compact this new gravel as we are in our 80s and younger volunteers are needed. Our 501 (c)(3) tax exempt Pals For Pets, Inc. does not have enough donated money to hire anyone.

Our plan is to build up the path base then install a concrete paver block path.

We have priced and ordered a pallet of 18x18” red concrete paver blocks which Pals for Pets will pay for in full to be delivered to the enclosure area. This pallet of 40 pavers will give us a beautiful entrance path 36 inches wide and 30 feet in length.

By raising this path several inches, drainage from the parking area will no longer drain into the holding pen, and theoretically, will not drift as badly in the winter and be easier for our volunteers to sweep or lightly shovel during the winter months.

A longer improvement plan is being considered and will require another pallet of pavers at the appropriate time in the future.

A nice dog park makes visitors smile. While this means possible donations in our donation tube or envelopes, it more importantly provides a place where Saratoga visitors can safely exercise their pets. This means a cleaner and quieter town with less barking and more contented four-legged friends.

Most Saratoga businesses support this dog park and advertise on the fire plugs.

Our local lumber yard is selling and delivering the red pavers at absolute cost. Over the years a number of other businesses have also supplied materials to Pals for Pets, Inc. for dog park maintenance and upgrade projects.

My understanding is that the town will work out a way to compensate the four FBLA students and that Pals for Pets will prepare a list of specific items that need doing at the dog park.

The big project is the initial paver path.

We also have eight new signs and signposts to be hung and installed.

A third item is to walk the fence lines, note any needed repairs and do what they can.

Help is also needed for our spring cleanup. That day we end up with multiple bags of dog waste and other wind-blown trash and debris.

I understand that Pals for Pets will keep time records for the FBLA student’s time and keep Jon Winter and the board informed of our progress.


Leon R. Hetherington

President and Director,

Pals for Pets, Inc.



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