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Encampment Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Advisor Cheryl Munroe was proud of her junior high students for just how well they did in Textile Arts.

“They worked really hard for first year students. The thing is in Textile Arts—or any of them—the seventh, eighth and ninth compete against each other. So when your seventh graders go in and place it’s really great,” Munroe said.

Students placing in Textile Arts for Original Design at the junior level were Jarom Herring with gold, Ashley Yeary with silver, Lindsie Farver with bronze and Ryley Henry with fourth. In Home Decor, Caleb Lee received silver. In the Accessory category were Spencer Knotwell at the senior level with silver, Wyatt Cox at the senior level with gold, and Lauren Buford at the junior level with bronze.

McKenzie Powell did a project for Focus on Children about a recent trip to Ecuador where she helped orphans. Munroe believes the project was very well done but in the wrong category. Munroe also noted Paige Powell’s Recycle Redesign project, which received gold.

Other gold winners were Ariana McKinney and Sierra Loftice for Food innovations in the Occupational category.

While many competition categories involve things like baking, sewing and other home and career skills, some Encampment students competed in the category “Creed,” which is described by FCCLA as reciting the FCCLA creed as it relates to their personal philosophy. Competing and placing were Guy Erickson at the senior level with silver, Hailey Barkhurst at the senior level with bronze, and KeeGan Johnson at the occupational level with bronze. Jacob Dickinson competed in a related event, Extemporaneous Speaking, for which he received silver.

Other events where students placed were the Sports Nutrition category, where a team of Dalton Peterson and Riley Little received silver and the Quiz Bowl team of Ember Yeary, Makiya Johnson, Katie Russell and Dayne Anderson, who placed third.


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