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Making an Ice Cream Wednesdae


Fred Broschart

Students Burris Berger and Kelli Ramiller take turns making a sundae.

Second grade students at Saratoga Elementary School on Wednesday celebrated their fundraising effort for the American Heart Association by making their principal a key ingredient in a rather peculiar ice cream sundae.

Fred Broschart

Even faculty members joined in making Principal Rangitsch into a ice cream sundae. Rangitsch promised students he would allow them to turn him into a sundae if they met their school-wide fundraising goal of $8,000. The students raised $8,158.05 for the American Heart Association.

Students participated in the "Jump/Hoop for Hearts" fundraiser that benefited the American Heart Association. Students were given the choice of shooting hoops or jumping rope, a goal of $8,000 and a strong incentive for meeting that goal; the school's principal, Dave Rangitsch, said if the school-wide goal were met, he'd allow the students to turn him into a giant ice cream sundae. Furthermore, the class that raised the most would have the honors of slathering their principal in ice cream and various toppings.

The students exceeded their school-wide goal by raising $8,158.05 for the Heart Association, and Principal Rangitsch had a chilling experience as the key ingredient in the students' frozen concoction.

Awards for individual efforts were given to J.D. Buttle, a sixth grader, who raised $265 shooting hoops, and to Riley Sessions in the second grade who raised $275 jumping rope. For their efforts, they were given the honor of being the first students to put a scoop of ice cream on the Sundae.

The second grade class raised the most of all grades, earning $1,615.55 for the effort.

The school's students also gathered 187 pounds of change valued at $630.99 for the Heart Association


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