Legacy Foundation offers Platte Valley scholarships

$10,000 to be given, annual golf fundraiser moved to June


With graduation just around the corner, and the Platte Valley Legacy Foundation (PVLF) sitting on $10,000 in scholarship funds, Susan Wallace, secretary for the foundation, is keen to get the word out. The money is there, and the foundation is eager to help area high schoolers.

“Every year this foundation grows,” she said, of the 501 (c)(3) organization she helps direct. When it began in 2006, there were only four members of the board of directors, and they gave out $2,000 in scholarships. In the decade since, the board of directors has quadrupled in number to 16, and the total amount they give out to students has quintupled to $10,000. The scholarships have grown in size too — from $500 to up to $2,000 today.

In order to qualify for this financial assistance, students must be residents of the state of Wyoming and have graduated from either Saratoga or Encampment High School. Furthermore, students have to maintain a “C” average in their coursework and be attending (or plan on attending) a university, community college or trade school.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re going to UW or a different school or a junior college,” another PVLF director, Keith Bailey said.

In Wallace’s words, “what we’re trying to do is get these kids to come back to the Valley and start businesses or run their family business.”

Teense Wilford, another director and one of the founding four members of the PVLF, thinks that the charity must have a broad focus to make that happen. In addition to making education accessible to Valley residents, Wilford wants the PVLF to help improve the livability of Saratoga and surrounding areas.

To this end, the PVLF has made contributions to the “giving tree” project that helps needy families get holiday gifts for their children. The charity also helps support bingo at the senior center and has assisted the town with making sure that the hot pools are kept in good order.

A large endowment from one donor has provided the funding for much of this work, but annual contributions from the directors are another source of revenue for the charity. Since 2009, it has additionally held an annual charity golf tournament at the Old Baldy Club golf course.

In the past, that tournament has been held in September, but this year it will be held June 26. Along with 18 holes of golf, up to 72 players will enjoy cocktails, a buffet and cash prizes for all hole-in-ones made on par fours and above. Entry costs $125 before June 1 ($150 afterwards), and participants can rest assured that their money is going to a good cause.

As Keith Bailey puts it, the PVLF is all about “letting the young people in the Valley have the best possible chance in life.” It’s the “fairway” to ensure today’s young people have a bright future here.


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