Introduction to 100


Below is my 100th column for the Saratoga Sun.

Before I get to that there are some things I would like to say first.

Or you could just skip this and go to the column.

When I was initially anticipating putting this milestone (maybe just for me) in, I had no idea the changes that would be coming to the Sun.

Making me the general manager?

What, they want me to grow up or something?

I have had to learn about web pages, online subscriptions, uploading legals to both national and state websites, postal regulations and more, more, more.

I have been interviewing reporters too.

I have managed to hire two reporters who will be introducing themselves in the paper and around the Valley shortly.

Then I found them apartments.

Neither of these employee things should end up being part of my regular weekly routine.

So there’s that.

I have found that when you lose two reporters you have to write stories and when you lose the two reporters who cover basketball you have to write basketball stories.

So, first I would like to thank both the Encampment basketball coaches for promptly sending quotes and stats for their regional and state games and making my life so much easier.

Next, I would like to thank the innumerable (innumerable because I can’t count that high) people who have expressed faith in my ability to do a “great job.”

I have gotten through two papers now with the dedicated aid and hard work of the remaining staff.

I have already made a few mistakes that are mine alone though.

For one, there should have been a booster page for the wrestling team going to state.

So I have to apologize to our boosters for that.

Overall though, I feel they were good papers and I am now less inclined to freak out about the new job.

I am starting (starting mind you) to settle in.

Okay, since that’s over let’s get to that 100th column.

I hope you enjoy it.


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