By Liz Wood 

Encampment firmly holds on to No. 1 conference spot


Mary Martin

Encampment Tiger KeeGan Johnson goes in for 2 points against Little Snake River Valley Saturday afternoon. Johnson scored 10 points for the win against the Rattlers.

The Encampment Tigers proved this weekend they are a force to be reckoned with, even though Encampment Coach Clint Bromley felt the team could have played better.

Sickness and injuries have prevented the Tigers (3-0 conference, 14-1 overall) from playing at their best, but it didn't keep them from winning against Rock River (1-2, 5-10) Friday night.

In the 58-18 blowout, the Tigers dominated the Longhorns in Rock River.

KeeGan Johnson led scoring with 22 points. He also had eight rebounds, four assists and four blocks.

Jared Stewart scored 10 points and had nine rebounds, while Guy Erickson had 8 points and eight rebounds.

Hunter Hammer scored seven points while Gage Bartlett scored 6 points.

Wyatt Cox and Erickson each added 13 points to the board against Little Snake River Valley (1-2, 6-10), leaving the Encampment Tigers in the No.1 spot in the 1A Southwest Conference.

Bartlett and Johnson each added 10 points to the board.

Cox had eight rebounds while Bartlett followed with seven rebounds. Cox and Erickson each had two steals.

The Tigers will have nine days to heal their injuries, rebound from their colds and get healthy overall before they travel to Farson/Eden and Cokeville at 4 p.m., Feb. 12 and noon on the 13th respectively.

With that nine-day break, Bromley is hoping to see improvement in practice and seeing the Tigers get better "down the stretch."


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