Survey tops 10 percent response

Master plan public forum well attended


This is the first of a three-part series on the public surveys associated with the town of Saratoga Master Plan. The next articles will provide more detail on survey question results and the individual comments supplied by survey participants.

One-hundred and seventy-three people completed the second town of Saratoga Master Plan survey, adding what amounts to 24 pages of typewritten individual comments to their answers.

Responses to the survey were equal to more than 10 percent of the town's population.

Demographically, most ages of town residents were equally represented as were the number of years residents have lived in the area. Survey respondents aged 25 to 74 years old account for 93.1 percent of the sample in nearly equal amounts. Length of residency in the Saratoga area was represented at a slightly higher rate among those who have been here from 0-5 years in the survey, but respondents were well represented in the 6-10 year, 11-20 year and more than 40 year categories also. Most of the survey respondents were female, homeowners, employed full-time and full-time residents.

The survey asked questions on the themes of:

• Transportation

• Healthcare

• Education

• Economic Development

• Infrastructure

Survey participants indicated they would like better lines of sight at intersections, especially at Bridge Avenue and First Street, more sidewalks and development of walking/biking paths. Truck route enforcement and signage were common individual comments on transportation issues.

The biggest area of concern for healthcare was the opportunity for seniors to age in place in the Valley. A desire for more vocational education was of most concern in the sample while focusing on winter recreation and developing camping sites in town were identified as a need in the economic development section of the survey.

More respondents indicated a need for better cellular telephone and internet service than any other specific item in the survey.

Approximately 40 people attended the public forum for the survey and provided more detailed responses at tables corresponding to the survey themes. Community Builder's Inc. staff said they were very pleased with the turnout and survey response.


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