SCWEMS amendment tabled for further review

Town Master Plan approved


The Riverside Town Council reviewed the draft of the proposed amendment to the South Central Wyoming Emergency Medical Service (SCWEMS) Joint Powers Board (JPB) agreement at their regular meeting Thursday.

The draft amendment includes revised and newly created sections on both joining and leaving SCWEMS. The council decided to table a vote on approval of the amendment until the town’s attorney, Tom Thompson, can review and approve the document.

The amendment should not open the entire agreement to renegotiation according to mayor Leroy Stephenson’s understanding of it.

Stephanie Colman, of SCWEMS, indicated in correspondence with the town that the JPB has not received a copy of the amendment and might not see it until the entities have approved it.

The town council also approved adopting the 2010 Riverside Master Plan document. The master plan is intended to be a guiding document for future development in the Town of Riverside.

Helen Weiland, citizen of Riverside, noted that many of the goals listed in the 2010 master plan have already been achieved.

There will be a special meeting at 11 a.m., Oct. 23 at the Encampment Town Hall regarding the approach to mosquito control and a mosquito district. Representatives from Saratoga, Encampment, Riverside, Sky Aviation and the agricultural mosquito district are expected to attend. Riverside has expressed interest in joining the agricultural mosquito district for mosquito control in town. Stephenson will be the Riverside representative.

In streets and maintenance news, the town will investigate the cause of a hole that has formed at the town’s river access area. Once the cause is determined they plan to fill the hole and possibly install a new drainage diversion feature at the access area. The town is also investigating the cost of putting shaded lamp hoods on the street lamps around town. Stephenson stated that he feels the town should work on a “dark skies initiative.”

In a final measure the town council voted to approve hosting next years Carbon County Council of Governments meeting in Riverside. The meeting would be in July of 2016.

The next regular meeting of the Riverside Town Council will be on Nov. 12 at 6 p.m.


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