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New ordinances brought before the council


Two new ordinances were read at the Saratoga Town Council meeting on Oct. 6. The ordinances, a fencing ordinance and a home occupation ordinance, are subject to three readings each.

The fencing ordinance, No. 2015-831, was met with some opposition from those who do not like deer in town and believe that the problem is the deer and fences are not the solution. The opposition sees a problem with aesthetics, arguing that a lack of uniformity regarding fences will not serve the town well.

The ordinance as it is now reads fences in the front yard must not exceed four feet and fences in the back yard may not exceed six feet. Wood, chain link, stone block or masonry and wright iron are considered to be appropriate materials. Deviation fron these limitations will require a fence permit, which costs $25, and permits be evaluated by the Saratoga Planning Commission. Barbed wire, chicken wire or hog fence are considered unacceptable, according to the ordinance.

Councilperson Richard Raymer discussed repairs for destroyed fences, considering that existing non-compliant fences will be grandfathered in. Raymer asked whether significant repairs after, for example, a car drove through a fence would be required to meet the new ordinance.

The home occupation ordinance, No. 2015-832, would allow business to operate inside a home providing they do not cause a disturbance to the residential area. The ordinance reads that home occupations must not alter exterior or outside of business, generate traffic or excess utility use, create a hazard or electical interference or require outside storage of material. Signage is expressly prohibited. The ordinance reads that businesses not specifically listed as permitted may be subject to the planning commission’s determination of compliance.

An audience member at the council meeting remarked that there should be no prohibited list, being that a list of prohibited home occupancy businesses is theoretically infinite.

Both ordinances were on the agenda for discussion and possibly amendment for Tuesday’s planning commission meeting.

The need for daycare in town has caught the attention of councilperson Will Faust, as he needs daycare along with other young parents in town. Not only is he pursuing daycare options for families, but Faust cited economic development as a reason for daycare being that young families would be inclined to move to town or stay in town. Faust said he is putting together a team to identify specific needs and funding, looking at Baggs as a model.

Director of Public Works Jon Winters brought information to the council to fill equipment needs in town. A snow plow attachment, a sander and a sewer camera were approved for purchase. The sewer camera, which the town is purchasing refurbished for $38,576, will allow for faster and more efficient improvements in sewer lines, according to Winters. Problems will be identified without digging holes to search for the issues.

The next Saratoga Town Council meeting is scheduled for Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. at Saratoga Town Hall.


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