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Citizen not happy with rate increase



Something smells at the Saratoga Dump & not just the garbage. We get charged $20 per month whether we use it or not.

I “donate” $100 per year during the winter myself. I understand the dead animal pit, the oil dump tank, the construction pit the electronics area, the cardboard trailer, the metal area, the burn pile & the tire pile. I used to understand the household garbage pit. Now we can only put kitchen waste in the household pit. Even tho the sign says no household garbage at the construction pit we are expected to put I there now. No problem except we get charged $18 per pickup load. Think about this. Dad cleans up the garage mom cleans up her sewing room besides the $20/month. Now we have to pay even more to clean up common household items.

Keep it up & folks will go back to burning trash in barrels & dumping larger items on the BLM and private land.

Let me make one thing very clear. I have no quarrel with a man who does his job well. The dump caretaker is not the problem here. He is just doing his job as directed by “management”. As a result he is less popular than a dog catcher or wife beater.

Art Leys


Editor’s Note: For more information on the Landfill board and the reasons for the rate increase, see the article “Landfill rates increase” on Page 1 of the July 8, 2015 Saratoga Sun and “Landfill Board discusses budget, transfer station” on Page 3 of the July 8 edition of the Saratoga Sun.


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