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Master plan expectations, one-mile buffer zone interpretations and Public Works projects


“I’m excited about it,” Mayor Ed Glode said of the Master Plan. “Really, it is a plan for the next undefined amount of time in the town. So, if you want to talk about economic development, take the plan out and see what everybody studied … it’s a good reference.”

“Right now we have a few too many available houses,” Glode said of population growth and development efforts, though the town has been anticipating a housing shortage. According to Glode, it is a matter of what to do when this housing shortage does happen.

“Our current one mile buffer [agreement] is pretty vague but through the Master Plan, coming out of it is a new one mile buffer zone agreement for the town of Saratoga. “Basically, what [the one-mile buffer] is that we understand our local planning and development better than the county does. So, in the one-mile buffer around the town of Saratoga, they ask us to help. The other half of that agreement is that we may give them a heads up on local ordinance.” The Sheriff’s office handles the one-mile buffer zone rather than Saratoga police, according to Glode, and thus the town will be in touch with the Sheriff’s office.

According to Glode, there are a lot of small projects being completed by the Department of Public Works. Due to the excessive rain, workers have been busy cutting weeds. Glode said that within the next two weeks, paving projects in the town will begin. They will be focused on paving streets west of the highway. There is a new Streets Department employee to start Aug. 3, Lyle “Butch” Cook, originally of Pennsylvania, who has worked in a number of different towns similar to Saratoga before working here.


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