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Fremont Therapy opens in Rawlins


Sarah Hutchins

From left to right, Scott Phister, Brent Kaufman, Leanne Terry, Elizabeth Brown and Zac Olivarez pose in front of the heated therapy pool that is located with the new Fremont Therapy Group facility in Rawlins.

For the past couple of years, Brent Kaufman and Scott Phister, Clinic Founders of Fremont Therapy Group (FTG), have been looking at Rawlins as a potential location to open up a new facility.

"It looked like Riverton to us, it looked like Lander to us, it looked like any other community in Wyoming that really could justify having the type of facility and staff that we have in other communities," said Kaufman.

After a few years of seeing the potential, they decided to move forward and create a state-of-the-art facility in Rawlins ― specifically to address a need that they saw was present in the region, that followed their mission. They opened their 6,500 square foot facility May of 2015.

According to the FTG website, the new facility contains "a heated therapy pool, four private treatment rooms, a large gym facility with state-of-the art therapy equipment and a whirlpool for wound care. The therapy pool, which is clinically beneficial for pain relief and expediting recovery, is kept at 95 degrees and is equipped with an underwater treadmill."

"We have a vision for what therapy can and should be," said Kaufman. "We looked at Rawlins and thought that they should have something very similar to what the other communities have."

Both Kaufman and Phister said that it didn't take long to put the idea of a new building into practice. In addition, they mentioned that they are very thankful for the staff that they hired at the Rawlins office.

Kaufman stated, "When we look at therapy, we have been big proponents of hiring excellent staff, really providing opportunity for continuing education and diversification of services so that we try to have staff that offer different things."

The staff that was hired from Rawlins were mostly living previously in the region. That is what FTG strives to do when entering an area. Hopefully provide additional jobs to a community, as well as continuing education that can be used to better the region.

Kaufman refers to one of the employees hired in Rawlins. He is an athletic trainer who is now looking into online courses to take; in attempt to potentially providing outreach to schools in the area about topics pertaining to injury prevention.

"So, when we look at what we do, we look at the ability to bring something to a community and then be able to expand services to offer more to that community," said Kaufman.

These expanded services are what they think provide something different for the region. "We understand that there is a hospital here that offers services, but we feel we opened a clinic that offers expanded services," said Phister.

So far, according to Kaufman and Phister, business has been doing very well in Rawlins and they hope to continue with the best service they can provide.

"We feel like we have refined the process and this clinic is better than the past," said Kaufman.

FTG is located on 1102 W. Spruce Street in Rawlins. For information about their facility go to their website at or call 307-270-9175.


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