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During the week of June 1, we had four new or returning residents—Marjery McAulay, Barbara Plummer, Ruth Brock and Connie Hood. There has been a misunderstanding when the activities listed in this column appear in the Saratoga Sun. The newspaper has a noon deadline on Mondays. Normally the column is submitted by e-mail on Saturday morning, four days before the paper comes out. Activities for the week occur between one-and-one-half-week to one-half week before they appear in the newspaper. For example, the church service on Sunday is for the church service that occurred one-and-one-half weeks before the paper is out.

The facility’s activity program is based on residents’ interest and allows residents to perform their Activities of Daily Living at a higher level. Further, it provides residents with continuing contact with the community because of the many volunteers.

Games provide laughter and socialization during the week. On Sunday afternoon, residents played Dominoes with Pat Rust winning. On Monday afternoon, three residents played Yahtzee with Pat Rust winning. On Wednesday and Friday afternoons, residents played Bingo. Truth Karstoft, Nadine Caleb, Pat Rust and Katherine Beckham won Four Corners. Barbara Plummer, Ruth Brock, Truth Karstoft and Nadine Caleb won Blackouts. Our volunteers were Lila Worden, Sue Bartlett, Dawna Erickson, Elder Palmer and Elder Levitt. On Saturday afternoon, residents played Blackjack.

Movies provided entertainment for residents throughout the week and the weekend.

Sunday and Saturday mornings, residents played Wii Bowling.

On Sunday afternoon, Micki Laws of the Encampment Presbyterian Church led our church service. Becky Kruesel played traditional religious music on the keyboard.

On Wednesday morning, five residents had their hair done, and six residents had their finger nails done by Lynda Healey, Georgia Schroer, and Janice Kerpan.

On Thursday, we had a “Welcome Home” barbecue at Kathy Glode Park across from the facility. About 35-40 people from the community attended. We wanted to thank them for all the help that they gave us during the uncertain time in May. Kathy McMorrow, the activity assistant, was responsible for the desserts, baked beans and potato salad. Lynda Healey manned the grill. Teense Willford provided the entertainment.

On Saturday afternoon, residents enjoyed the Ice Cream Social.

We greatly appreciate the continued support of our volunteers throughout the week. Anyone wishing to become a volunteer, please contact Tom Mansfield, Activity Director at the facility.


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