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North line decided on


At the Water and Sewer meeting on May 13, the board decided the northern route up from the sewer lagoon that turns west would be the route they will pursue for the intended treated wastewater sewer line. The board made a motion to choose the north route line; all voted in favor of the motion except Russell Waldner, treasurer of the Water and Sewer board.

Waldner stated that he was not against the north route line, but felt the size of the proposed line was too big.

A memo was released to the Water and Sewer Board by Engineering Associates that recommends the line should follow the north route.

There have been three different proposed lines taken into consideration during the design process. Two of the lines travel west from the facility and the other moves north then turns west.

Engineering Associates recommended the north line, because according to Craig Kopasz, Professional Engineer of Engineering Associates, the north route “makes more sense and is less problematic.”

Kathy MacPherson, resident of Saratoga, has property on the area where the proposed line is to be built. The lines that were moving west from the facility would go through a large expanse of her property. MacPherson attended the meeting to inform the board that she would not grant the town an easement if they planned on pursuing the line to the west.

MacPherson notes that they will have to put in an access road to get to the line for maintenance. The road would be placed in a location that fills up with water seasonally—and importing fill would be necessary to create a road. “It [an access road] effects our irrigation system … that’s a pre 1904 water right which is extremely valuable … and a road in that location will effect our irrigation system that has been in effect since 1904. That’s a problem.”

The town will still be going on MacPhersons property on the north side-line, but she is less worried about that scenario. “We strongly endorse the north route … Where that’s located it won’t effect our business.”

The next meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on June 10 at Saratoga Town Hall.


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