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If you have been wondering who is driving around town with the New York plates, you now have your answer. I have seen some very confused expressions. I'm sure you don't see many New Yorkers around here.

I am not from the city (New York City), or anywhere close to it for that matter. I lived three-and-a-half hours upstate in Saratoga, N.Y.. That's quite a coincidence, I know. Trust me, I didn't plan that.

The next question: Why are you here? Well, when my boyfriend found out he landed a full-time forestry gig I thought, "Why not tag along?" We both recently graduated college and Wyoming is as good a place as any to look for work.

So we made the 2,000-mile trek from Saratoga, N.Y. to Saratoga, Wyo. On the final stretch of our trip, we ran into our first "roadblock" (no pun intended). The road was closed from Cheyenne to Saratoga, due to a couple inches of snow.

It seems like that is pretty common, which I was not expecting.

In New York, we get snow. I went to college in Syracuse-infamously known as the college-town with the highest annual snowfall in the country. However, they have something that you guys don't: salt for the roads. You guys don't do salt. But, just this week I had to get my brakes replaced because the rotor was so rusty. So maybe the no salt thing is for the best.

You guys also have some very different wildlife. I have seen plenty of deer in my day, but never an 8-point casually strolling down Main Street. On a hike in Encampment, I observed big-horned sheep trudging on a mountainside and heard an unmistakable rattling, warning me while strolling through the brush. That's the usual here, so I am told.

So yes, there are some major differences between the two Saratogas; but there are some similarities. I got the chance to check out the chariot races earlier this month. It immediately reminded me of Saratoga, N.Y., where we also have chariot racing, as well as one of the largest racetracks in the country.

Yes, it is done a little differently here, but honestly, I never really enjoyed dressing up in formal attire to watch horses run around in circles. In my opinion, you guys do it better.

I have also felt extremely welcome here, making it feel more like home everyday. No one is shy here. I am constantly approached, usually asking if I am lost (okay that only happened once ... or twice), then telling me about how great this little town is and how I will love it here.

If that's not a warm welcome, I don't know what is.

This is my first time living out of New York State. I attended the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in environmental policy, planning, & law. My experience has led me to create a town sustainability plan, develop flood mitigation techniques for New York State, review NEPA documents, and analyze a current State Energy Plan.

My hope is with my experience, I can help inform the public in an unbiased manner about current issues that you should be aware of. It's only been a week of work and already I am learning so much. I am excited to be here and look forward to covering the Saratoga, Wyo. region.


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