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A packed week at Deseret


Games provide laughter and socialization with other residents and are a big component of the program. On Sunday afternoon, five residents played Dominoes with Janet Kennaday winning. On Tuesday morning, five residents played Yahtzee with Elaine Burge winning. On Wednesday afternoon, 12 residents played Bingo, and Friday afternoon, 14 resident played Bingo. Pat Rust, Kenny Hoagland, Barbara Plummer, and Russell Cox won Four Corners. Carol Higby and Russell Cox won the Blackout. Our volunteers were Sue Bartlett, Gloria Rakness, Lila Worden, Joy Hamilton, Macayla Fairbanks, Elder Cabela, and Elder McConneghey. On Saturday, residents played Blackjack.

Movies provided entertainment for residents throughout the week and the weekend. In the evening residents may watch the Turner Classic Movies channel, which has no commercials. On Thursday morning, six residents watched “Driving Miss Daisy” and had popcorn as they watched the movie.

For Lunch Out at the Saratoga Senior Center, five residents had Beef Wellington on Monday. On Friday, three residents had meatloaf at the center.

Sunday afternoon, Pastor Gene Smith of the Platte Valley Christian Center led our church service. Doris Davis played the keyboard with traditional religious music.

On Monday afternoon, six residents attended Resident Council under the able leadership of President Pat Rust, discussing concerns about living at the facility. With the arrival of the state surveyors on Monday afternoon for our annual survey, 13 residents attended another Resident Council on Tuesday afternoon, answering questions about the care they receive here at the facility.

On Wednesday morning, eight residents had their hair done, and nine residents had their finger nails done by Janice Kerpan, Merlynn Hoopes, Georgia Schroer, and Kathy McMorrow.

On Thursday afternoon, residents did an Arts and Crafts project with Kathy McMorrow.

On Saturday afternoon, residents enjoyed ice cream cones.

We greatly appreciate the continued support of our volunteers throughout the week. They are an integral part of the Activity Program. Anyone wishing to become a volunteer, please contact Tom Mansfield, Activity Director, at the facility.


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