By Liz Wood 

Planning commission restores council's voting privilege


The Saratoga planning commission received input from Mayor Ed Glode at its Feb. 10 meeting on changing the bylaws to allow the Saratoga Town Council appointed member to have a vote on the planning commission.

Will Faust, the council member who was appointed by Glode to serve on the planning commission, told the commission he was comfortable with having another members of the planning commission to report to the town council, when he was in disagreement with the commission.

The Saratoga Planning Commission changed their bylaws last year when they ran into difficulties about representation when the council member disagreed with the commission’s recommendations.

Glode pointed out that a voting member would more than likely show up to a meeting. Commission chairman, Rory Gubb, said that he did not want a council member to offset the work the planning commission has done if he/she disagrees with the recommendation.

Rusty Rogers moved to restore the voting rights to the council representative until the bylaws can be amended and the motion passed.

In other business, the board recommended approval for request for variance submitted by Bob Fluty. The recommendation is to be forwarded to the Saratoga Town Council for approval.

The planning commission discussed the fencing ordinance that they are currently working on updating.

The commission came to a consensus that they would like to see the process simplified and make it easier for everyone.

It was suggested that a fence permit process be implemented for fences that are over four feet tall in the front yard and six feet tall in the back yard and be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Commissioners Tom Knickerbocker and Rogers were advised to reword the recommended ordinance to be presented at the next planning commission meeting.

Zoning officer Chuck Bartlett was directed by the board to produce a simplified application for the boards approval.

The next planning commission meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m., on March 10 in the Saratoga Town Hall.


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