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Glode seeks unity among boards


Ed Glode is finishing up his second month as the new mayor of Saratoga and last week was a busy one for the new mayor.

Glode attended the Planning Commission meeting and the Carbon County/Saratoga Impact Joints Powers Board (Water and Sewer Board) and took a tour with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and members of the Water and Sewer Board of the sewage treatment facility north of Saratoga.

Glode, who had never had a full tour of the facility said he learned a lot on the tour Feb. 10 and now fully understands the need for the new effluent line for the facility. “It was a productive meeting,” Glode said of the tour. Five members of the Water and Sewer Board, the mayor, council and town staff were on the tour.

Glode said there are entities much bigger than the town of Saratoga that has given the town parameters of what is acceptable ammonia levels. The line to the river is increasing the amount of ammonia the facility can produce, which in turn will allow better dilution quality while reducing the smell crossing the highway near the sewage treatment plan.

During the tour, Glode learned there are other things that need to be taken care of in the facility and he hopes to incorporate those updates into the effluent project. Currently, the project is estimated to cost $1,070,000 and Glode said he believes updating the pumps and other small jobs can be incorporated into the project. Glode said this will lower the costs of doing the work at other times.

While Glode has been busy attending meetings and getting up to speed on the mayoral duties, he said it has been an enjoyable experience so far. He doesn’t intend to go to every single meeting for the next four years. “Early input is the goal,” Glode said.

Tyler Pickett Park is a priority for Glode and he credited Tom and Brian Rodeno for all the ground work they have done so far on the project.

“Will Faust has a good relationship with them and has taken the lead on having those conversations [with the Rodenos],” Glode said.

The work on Tyler Pickett Park would incorporate the parking areas, the island and hopefully the hot pool, Glode said.

At the first council meeting in February, Glode said the council talked about purchasing a Lidar system, which will allow the town to have an accurate three dimensional map of the town.

“(The map) will take five to seven years to complete,” Glode said, but believes it is well worth the $33,000 it will cost because it will be beneficial for residents who are now paying for flood insurance. “There are residents who are paying for flood insurance and their homes will never be flooded,” Glode said.

The Lidar is part of the master plan the town is working on and will provide valuable information to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

Editor’s note: The Saratoga Sun meets with the mayor weekly. If you have a question that you would like presented to the mayor, please email it to Questions will remain anonymous.


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