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By Sue Howe 

Seniors to celebrate birthdays Friday


There were eight here to play bingo on Tuesday.

Two dollar winners were Carl Kerbs, Nadine Kerbs, Betty Dean, and Berneil McCord. Nadene Kerbs won the $5blackout round.

There were five here for Bridge Monday.

High winner was Gertrude Herold. Second high went to Vivien Campbell.

Pete and Myrtel Roybal are our new King and Queen for 2015. Congratulations to you both and enjoy you dinner at the Wolf.

It seems like there is a tummy bug going around the valley. Everyone seems to be getting it.

Bill Fluty was sick with it then Jane got it then the granddaughter got it. They are all on the mend now.

But I have heard of quite a few people getting it. It only lasts a couple of days, but they are awful days. So stay well everyone.

We had lunch last Saturday. We are trying to get all our makeup meals done before the summer comes and we want to be gone on the weekends.

We didn’t have a big turnout but it was not too bad. We even had entertainment for the day. Elder Bill Sell from Pennsylvania and Elder David Clavel from southern California came to have lunch with Betty Eaton, and Elder Clavel ask if he could play the piano while everyone ate.

He played some beautiful music and we all enjoyed it. They have both been here in the valley for almost six weeks and they will be going somewhere else in the next couple of weeks. It was very nice to meet them both.

We will be having our February birthday dinner this Friday.

Hope everyone is making plans to join us.


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