By Liz Wood 

Woman stopped by fake cop


A Riverside woman was pulled over by an unmarked car with flashing red and blue lights around 5 p.m., Saturday evening, according to Carbon County Sheriff Jerry Colson.

The man, posing as a plain-clothed police officer asked the woman for her identification and registration. She asked him for his credentials. When he claimed he didn’t have his credentials, she drove off and called 911.

Colson said the woman did the right thing. “There are unmarked cars in the area, but they don’t pull drivers over for traffic violations,” Colson said.

The woman gave a description of the man, average height, dark hair wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans and had a little bit of stubble on his face.

He was last seen heading east on Highway 230 east of Riverside.

The man was driving a pre-2006 Dodge that was either dark blue or black.

Colson said he has heard reports of drivers being pulled over in Routt County, Colo., but they have no suspects.

The woman was pulled over for not having her front passenger buckled in a seat belt. The passenger was her dog. Colson said the lack of seat belt use is a secondary offense and people are not pulled over for that reason alone.

Colson recommended that if a person is pulled over and is suspicious, the person can pull away and call 911. They will not be considered eluding police if they call 911 right away. “Don’t do anything reckless,” Colson said. “Report as much information as possible.”

Colson said to stop at the local police department after arriving in the city limits.

The Carbon County Sheriff’s office is working with the Routt County Sheriff to determine if this is the same person who has been stopping people in Colorado.


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