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By Mike Dunn 

Bear captured near Sharp Street

Bear, personnel were not harmed in day-long pursuit


Mike Dunn

After taking three tranquilizer darts, a young bear passes out in the trap set by local Game and Fish personnel. The bear was later released back into the wild away from town.

Saratoga residents found an unwelcome guest running around town.

A three-year-old male black bear was spotted in the northern part of Saratoga on Sept. 23. The bear was captured by the Wyoming Game and Fish (WGAF) and was safely released into the wild.

Reports of a dumpster on Veterans Island being broken into by a bear were reported to WGAF on the night of Sept. 22. WGAF spotted the bear in the early hours of Sept. 23, and took action to pursue the bear through town.

The bear climbed a tree near a home on Sharp Street. After being tranquilized, the bear lost his ability to hang on to the tree and fell 20 feet into a tarp placed by the WGAF personnel. Schultz said the bear did not sustain any injuries due to the fall.

WGAF tagged the bear, and placed it in a trap. The bear was released in a safe location away from Saratoga.

The bear was shot with a total of three tranquilizer darts. Schultz said the first two darts made the bear run off. He said the bear was likely running on adrenaline and was able to run away from WGAF personnel. Schultz said the combination of the second and third dart was likely enough to knock the bear out.

There were no injuries to the bear, wildlife personnel or the residents during the pursuit.

Schultz said it is not uncommon for bears to pass through Saratoga, saying there is typically a bear sighting once a year. He added most of the bears that come into town are smaller, younger bears, usually two to three years old, who are out on their own for the first time.

"They are usually just learning where to be and where not to be," Schultz said.

September tends to be an active time of year for bears. Schultz said bears tend to be living off of fat reserves and are very hungry.

"As you can imagine, Saratoga probably smells very good for a hungry bear," Schultz said.

If Saratoga residents spot a bear or any other dangerous animal, please call 911 or report it to the local game and fish office.


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