Rebirth of the atlatl


Photo courtesy of Russell Richard

One of the participants in the World Atlatl Open in Cheyenne takes aim at a mountain lion target while perched in a tree.

Saratoga may be home to the rebirth of the atlatl and a world-wide competition.

What is an atlatl you ask?

An atlatl is a device used to throw a spear, commonly called a dart, much farther and more accurately than a human can unaided. An atlatl is usually constructed from a stick or slat with a hook on one end and a handle on the other.

If it were explained by your high school physics teacher, they would describe it as creating an extra lever on your arm, thus increasing the force you can throw an object with.

The word atlatl is Aztec in origin and was documented by the Spanish Conquistad...

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