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A horse of a different color


Chris Irwin, internationally renowned horseman and best selling author, will be presenting a free public demonstration of his innovative approach to horsemanship at Buck Springs Arena starting at 9 a.m. on July 19, followed by a clinic at Blackhall Mountain Ranch in Encampment on July 20 and 21.

The demonstration and clinic will focus on natural horsemanship and the emerging industry of horses being worked with in therapeutic and personal coaching programs.

It was while discovering how to work with and transform the primal and volatile nature of “wild Mustangs” into 18 calm and collected U.S. National Champions in riding and driving competitions that first showed Irwin his greatest insights into learning how to learn.

Irwin has been developing a method for learning how to read a horses body language so that a person can “hear how they feel about being handled and ridden.” Irwin believes that such a relationship is not second nature as horses are naturally prey animals and humans are predators. According to his website “We can’t expect horses to understand our language, but if we care enough, we can learn to understand and speak theirs.”


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