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By Mike Dunn 

When writing goes wrong


I am a writer. I get paid to write. Sometimes, I write things that I like to write about. Sometimes I write things I do not like to write about.

I like when I can write well; when I can go for hours without stopping. When my thoughts are perfectly in-line with what I want to write. That kind of writing makes me enjoy what I do.

As I write, it is 9:21 a.m. on Tuesday morning, we are only a few hours until we are going to press. It is my week to write a column. I have to write at least 400 words.

Unfortunately, I cannot write right now. I have writer’s block.

That is the worst thing that can happen to a writer such as myself. It keeps me from writing anything decent.

What does writers block look like? I looks a lot like what I am writing right now. There is very little direction with what I am writing. When what you are writing doesn’t make sense. When you have to push forward with writing, even though you have exhausted every idea you have.

When you first get writers block, you start to write something and you can’t finish it. You keep counting how many words you have to write left until you hit your word limit.

Right now, I have currently written exactly 230 words.

This means I have 170 words to write until I hit my limit.

Writer’s block happens usually when I am tired. It happens when I have been writing all week, and any creative writing I had is on some other article I already wrote.

I wrote a lot last week with our 32 page paper. This week, I wrote ever more with the floods in Saratoga.

I feel like before I write again, I am going to get more caffeine in my system.

To fill space, I write extremely and exceedingly complex sentences, such as this, in order to get my word count (despite how minuscule the count is) even higher than it already is.

The worst part about writer’s block is constantly hearing the word “write” over and over in your head.

This is why I have written the word “write”, or a version of it, in every sentence.

I have almost written to my word count. So far, I have written 397 words.

Writing is fun.


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