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Citizen is "mad as hell" and demands resignations



Last week when I asked Town officials to empty half-filled 55 gallon barrels of dog poop and spray some tumbleweeds along the dog park new trees on the road right-of-way, I was told the Town had no money. Down to only $200. Maybe just facetious comment, but very disturbing when for years our current Mayor and Majority of Board members have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on frivolous and unnecessary projects and litigations. I am not alone in being “Mad as Hell” at this extravagance and incompetent spending. It takes two to tango on litigation so no excuses to continue year after year.

Now, they are committing another $180,000 to build a bridge to nowhere ($130,000 Obama Grant and $30,000 Town “in kind”). In kind means our Town employees’ salaries, benefits, vehicles, equipment, which is not “free”. There is no “Free Lunch”. The Saratoga money tree is our citizen’s pockets who have been struggling through years of recession, wild game meals, church help, holes in shoes and cowboy boots, lots of patches, etc.

Saratoga had an abandoned Railroad Bridge from Hot Pool to Veterans Island access in the 1970s, and was unused by citizens so torn down. Lots of starving mosquitoes hope you build river paths and bridges. Bridge is a waste of taxpayer money. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs spent in recent years fighting with our citizens and taxpayers. Many unessential projects approved when in recessionary financial times. Just talk to citizens, Mr. Mayor, who are very concerned and not argue with their opinions.

In Japan and China they resign in shame for such incompetence. Be Honorable, Mr. Mayor, and appoint one of the Mayor candidates with competent financial experience who knows how to balance a huge public’s money checkbook and graciously resign, as the buck stops at the top and your current answer is to stiff the citizens with new higher utility bills (Electricity, water and sewer, etc.)

Stop responding to the newspaper with silly excuses!! Just resign immediately and help your constituents and businesses to start to dig out of your financial mess. Keep all your dedicated and competent Town employees who work their butts off for skimpy wages!! The ones who do the hard work and not just keep an office and chair seat warm!!

Not picking on your Town Attorney, but why did he spend six hours (5 to 11 p.m. to travel and attend at your request) at the Town meeting on Tuesday to address the board in private and minimal public comments when there is a new invention called email, texts and conference calls. Mr. Thompson does not work for free to my knowledge. Probably just another few hundred dollars owed for Tuesday. Is that good value for our tax money?

More later from my family and friends at future Town meetings. Hope to see other supporters attend and not be afraid of petty retaliations we have seen in past years against citizens who voice concerns.

Respectfully and Sincerely,

Leon R. Hetherington


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