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By liz Wood 

Friends return as energy and enthusiasm build


It has begun. The season where we barely have time to catch our breath before we move onto the next event.

School is winding down. Seniors are getting ready for their big day and school concerts are being prepared to show off talents.

In three weeks, hopefully, the pass over the Snowy Range will be open and tourists will travel over the pass into Saratoga and the Platte Valley.

Every summer I tell myself I am going to take more time for myself. Every summer I fail.

The good side of my failing is I still have fun.

The people in the Platte Valley ensure that we have a good time in the “Good Times Valley”, whether it is concerts, learning about the history of our area, floating the river or making an effort to catch that monster trout in the North Platte.

We are already seeing signs of spring fever, as people are floating and fishing the Platte River. It is the surest sign that winter if finally winding down and we can start opening the windows and enjoying the fresh air.

While this winter has been a relatively mild one, it seems to have lasted longer than most. I am not sure if it because I am getting older, or less tolerant of the cold.

Something that I love about late April and early May is seeing all the snowbirds return. They come in to the Saratoga Sun office or call to change their address back to the Platte Valley and we get a chance to catch up on how their winter went.

I get excited as I start to see the grass turn from the ugly brown to green, and see buds on the the trees in my yard and around town.

It is the birth of summer and this time has become my favorite time of year. I feel re-energized and ready to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

As I shed my overcoat, people are starting to notice a new me - a thinner me.

Last July, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. This was a real wake-up call for me as my dad and sister are diabetic.

I listened to my doctor and changed my eating habits and lost 40 pounds. In November, I was retested and no longer am pre-diabetic.

My energy level is up and I am much more active. This past weekend I sanded our deck and started staining it. I have not had the energy to do that in years.

It is my hope, that I will use this energy to hike the trails in the Sierra Madres and Snowy Range that I have wanted to hike so badly in the past years and did not get around to it.

Several years ago, a friend of mine hiked every trail in the Snowy Range and the photos she shared were exceptional. I want to see those views for myself.

I know I won’t be able to hike every trail, but I will be happy with two or three.


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