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Preparing for spring


At Deseret Health and Rehab, residents enjoyed many activities throughout the week. The Activity Department offers a wide variety of activities each week to meet the residents’ interests, as well as the physical, mental and psychological well-being of each resident.

With spring nearly here, we are going to get the facility’s garden going again. If anyone from the community is interesting in assisting in this project to prepare the ground and then plant seeds, please call Brenda Eaton, our Director of Nursing.

Games throughout the week provided fun and laughter. On Sunday afternoon, five residents played Dominoes with Charlotte Gibbons winning. On Monday afternoon, five residents played Yahtzee with Frank Jereb winning. On Tuesday morning, four residents played Dominoes with Margery McAuley winning. On Wednesday afternoon, 12 residents played Bingo, and Friday afternoon, 11 residents played Bingo. Elaine Burge, Pat Rust, Kenny Hoagland, and Nadine Caleb won Four Corners. Marion Lansdown and Frank Jereb won Blackouts. Our Bingo helpers were Lila Worden, Joy Hamilton, Dawna Erickson, Joannie Johnson, Nancy Facciani, Elder Ramirez, Elder Hallam, and Gloria Rakness.

On Saturday afternoon, residents played Blackjack.

During the evenings throughout the week, residents watched the Turner Classic Movie channel. On Sunday morning, five residents watched the VCR movie, “The Rescue”. On Tuesday afternoon, five residents watched the VCR movie, Pollyanna. On Saturday morning, residents watched the VCR movie, “Tall in the Saddle”.

For Lunch Out at the Saratoga Senior Center, four residents had BBQ ribette on Monday, and four residents had roast beef and birthday cake on Friday.

On Sunday afternoon, Pastor Stinson of the Saratoga Missionary Alliance Church led our church service for eight residents. Doris Davis assisted on the keyboard.

On Tuesday morning, Reverend Arlen Hughes offered Bible Study to residents.

On Wednesday morning, Lynda Healey,Georgia Schroer, and Kathy McMorrow gave Hair Care to nine residents and Nail Care to 10 residents.

On Thursday morning, residents assisted Kathy Morrow in decorating our bulletin boards for May in Arts and Crafts.

Thursday afternoon, residents went on a Van Ride around the valley with Sue Morawski and Kathy Morrow.

On Saturday residents enjoyed ice cream sandwiches.

The Activities program relies on the assistance of volunteers to enhance the lives of our residents. If interested in being a volunteer, pleas call Tom Mansfield, Activity Director, at 326-8212.


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