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Town to use Code Red for tornado warning system


With warming daytime temperatures soon signaling the beginning of thunderstorm season in Wyoming, National Weather Service (NWS) and emergency management officials statewide are encouraging residents to prepare for the upcoming severe weather season.

NWS offices are using Wyoming Severe Weather Awareness Week, April 21-25, to promote weather safety and preparedness plans, and test statewide emergency communications systems. This week serves as a reminder to talk with family and friends about proper safety actions, know how one can best receive important weather alerts, and have a plan in case of emergency in mind.

A test Tornado Warning will be issued by the NWS for the entire state at 10:30 a.m. Friday, to ensure statewide emergency communications and alerting capabilities are ready for the thunderstorm season. Radio station broadcasts will be interrupted for the warning.

Saratoga Mayor John Zeiger said the town of Saratoga will participate in the 10:30 a.m. warning by testing the Code Red system through phone notification. He said people may still sign up for Code Red by calling the Saratoga Police Department.

According to, which gives recorded statistics of tornadoes that came within 30-mile ranges of towns or cities, Saratoga had eight tornadoes within range since 1960, and Encampment had five in range since 1953. The site also stated both towns were at a “very low risk” level for possible tornado threat.

The NWS along with local and state emergency officials are encouraging schools, health care facilities and other large venues to use the drill as an opportunity to test internal emergency procedures for when severe weather threatens. Appropriate shelters and possible evacuation routes should be designated.

Towns and counties can consider testing community outdoor warning sirens and other communications networks during the tornado drill. The test will also allow media outlets, serving as emergency alert system relay points, to test their ability to broadcast severe weather warnings and messages.

Encampment and Riverside are not participating in the Tornado Drill, as they are currently on the Code Red System.


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