Employees appreciate boss who takes time to listen



The first reality television show was Candid Camera that started back in 1947. In 2002 another reality show “Survival” saw the largest ever television audience for their first episode. We now have such reality shows as Duck Dynasty, Biggest Loser, and The Voice.

However my personal favorite is Undercover Boss where the CEO’s and others from large companies go undercover and work side by side with their employees to see what the employees think and how they might be able to improve things. At the end of each show they meet with their employee’s and talk about their experience undercover. Then in the cooperate world where funds are available they give the employee’s bonuses and other gifts to thank them for their hard work.

What does this have to do with Saratoga? Absolutely nothing, except the common theme that was shared by the employee’s was they appreciated the fact that their boss took the time to listen to them. The fact that they were recognized and appreciated meant a lot to them.

As an elected official I take for granted the work that the town employee’s do for all of us. I understand that it is the job they were hired to do but if I would take a few minutes of my time to sit down and listen to them and thank them for what they have done, would not only make me a better leader but a better person.

The Wisest mind has something yet to learn-Ghanaian Proverb

Mayor John Zeiger



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