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Conquering negativity



At the WAM Winter Workshop our guest speaker this year was Inspirational Speaker Matt Jones. He has conquered cancer 3 times and went on to run in five marathons. This was his victory in life and encouraged us to look at our lives as a victory.

He reminded us that there are 86,400 seconds in a day and challenged us to know how we were going to use those seconds. He reminded us that not only is our finger print unique but so are we in our life. Another interesting fact that he shared was that an average four year old smiles about four hundred times a day but by the age of thirty we only smile about fifteen times a day.

He talked about the Ten-Three-One approach which is, Write down ten ideas, highlight the best three, and pick the one thing that you are going to do. Remembering that our mind is like a garden, you can’t get out what you don’t put in. We must weed out the negativity and water it daily.

Having humor is part of leadership because as he put it the Dr. Domes and Nay Sayers will attempt to build up the negativity wall around you. No matter what we face in life if we can pass thru that negativity wall we will obtain our own personal victory.

We need to commit ourselves to a life time of learning and when we get knocked down try and land on your back so you are always looking up. Don’t ever let someone else’s negative opinions of you become reality.

Believe in the impossible not “I Can’t Do That” because if the goal isn’t big enough it’s not worth going after.

Mayor John Zeiger



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