By Carl Lee 

A better knowledge of the Constitution is a good thing



Mr. Cole of Encampment wrote a good letter which was published in The Sun last week.  However one could possibly infer that Cindy Hill was helpful in implementing the constitutional awareness program in the Encampment High School. That was not the case.

Most of the credit for implementation that goes to the principal and the history teacher in Encampment and to Mr. Hymas himself.

We have a great many public officials, both elected and unelected, that swear an oath to uphold the constitution but, in fact, have little or no understanding of what the document says.

We feel that many of todays problems could be helped by a better knowledge of the constitution both among our officials and the general public.

Carl Lee


Editor’s note: This letter was edited because it had a political endorsement. The Saratoga Sun does not publish letters that endorse or attack politicians.


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