By Mike Dunn 

Shooting sports hits target in teaching responsibility


Mike Dunn

Menphis Smith lines up his shot at a target 20 yards away. Smith is one of about thirty kids involved with 4-H Shooting Sports in the Platte Valley.

"Ready on the left ... ready on the right ... commence firing"

A barrage of arrows flew forward at incredible speeds toward six targets ranged from 10 to 20 yards away.

"Bullseye," yelled one of the archers.

Their ages range from 8 to 18 years and their abilities are spread across as wide a spectrum.

Some hit their target consistently. Others, still learning the proper way to release a bow, watch as arrows sail over their target.

As the last arrow strikes the target with a thud, instructor Louie Braun shouts to get the archers attention.

"Cease fire. Range is closed. Walk slowly to get y...

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