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Police seek three


Saratoga Police Department

Chief of Police Tom Knickerbocker and Capt. Rob Bifano brought these photos to the Saratoga Sun Tuesday morning. They are persons of interest in the recent theft of three cars from residential neighborhoods in Saratoga. If anyone has information about these men, they are asked to contact Captain Bifano at 307-326-8316.

Saratoga Police Chief Tom Knickerbocker said, in the early morning of March 6, three cars were stolen in Saratoga.

Two cars were stolen from Club Court and another car was taken from West Walnut.

Jerry Colson with the Carbon County Sheriff's Office said that one of the stolen vehicles was recovered Sunday evening.

An off-duty member of the Carbon County Search and Rescue originally saw a Toyota Tacoma two miles south of Rawlins and reported the pickup as suspicious. No one was found around the vehicle.

Carbon County Sheriff's Office ran the license plate number and saw that the car had been reported by the Saratoga police as stolen.

The pickup was towed to an impound lot to be processed by Saratoga Police and Carbon County Sheriffs.

As of press time, two cars have still not been recovered. These cars include a gold Ford Escape and green Toyota Avalon; both of which were last seen on March 6.

Saratoga Police is currently looking for information on three people of interest who may be linked to the car thefts.


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