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“When councilman Wilcoxson read his letter at Feb. 18 council meeting which was an attempt to reprimand me and request or demand an apology from me to City Engineer Chuck Bartlett, I was completely astounded. When asked to comment, I could only think to myself that it was in extremely poor taste and deserved no comment.

Since then I have worried that the people at the meeting and the public would think I have done or said anything for which I should apologize to any city employee or council person. I have not. As an interested Saratoga citizen I have asked questions and made comments about a variety of things. Many of these questions should have been asked by council members as a stimulus to discussion at council meetings.

Mr. Wilcoxson is concerned because I asked the city engineer if he had considered other sewage disposal projects other that one proposed, which dumps effluent into the Platte River. Specifically, I asked if he had considered a series of settling ponds. Mr. Bartlett responded with a letter and drawing of an 80 acre pond that he said would fail (overload) within three years. I understand his response but I disagree with it since I know many other towns use a series of settling ponds to handle sewage. In some places the ponds are so effective that the water leaving the last pond is potable. However, that discussion should be among this administration because they are the ones who will be making or have made the decision about Saratoga sewage. My comments were intended to promote discussion.

So to emphasize my point, I, as a public citizen, do not owe anyone a apology for my questions or remarks. I just wish that when citizens give input to, ask questions about, or even criticize city actions that the people who are empowered to spend public money would discuss alternatives without anger.”

Sincerely, Glee Johnson


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