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Instead of talking about a town issue I thought I would comment on my experience this past weekend. I had the opportunity to judge for the speech meet in Rawlins. When I was asked to do so I must admit I had reservations as I have never judged one in the past. My daughter had asked me if there was anything I would prefer not to judge. I told her that I would prefer not to judge the debate portion - what a surprise when I found out she didn’t relay the message.

I ended up judging four different debate sessions three of which dealt with the same topic. The topic was “Single gender classrooms”. To listen to the students give the pros and cons on the subject, plus listening to their presentation on the research was educational for me. Out of the three sessions the pro won the debate twice. I asked why the topic was always the same and the students told me that they debate the same one which is changed monthly.

I also judged a couple session of extemporary speaking where the student is given three topics and must give a presentation on one of them, after only thirty minutes to prep. I was impressed with all of them and found it hard to have to pick a winner because they all put their hearts into it.

I would have to say my favorite session I judged was the youth congress. To listen to these young men and women present and then argue for and against a bill was a great experience. There were two bills that were presented “Mandatory Voting” and “Legalization of Marijuana”. I must say that both sides of these issues presented their cases well but in the end both were defeated. However I must say that it gave me hope for the future of politicians coming up.

For the last session the students had to present a speech that they prepared themselves. One of the speeches dealt with suicide and another dealt with cutting. As they presented their speeches they were able to pull me into it with the emotions they used. It was almost like you were sitting there watching but an able to stop it. I truly feel that both of these subjects are ones that may not be ignored but may not be addressed as well as they should be.

So thanks to all the students from across Wyoming that gave me a very educational experience.

Mayor John Zeiger



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