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New general manager brings hospitality passion to Saratoga Resort & Spa


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Scott Randall brings years of hospitality experience to the Saratoga Resort & Spa. Randall said he is excited to become an active member in the community.

Saratoga Resort and Spa's new general manager brings several years of hospitality experience to the Platte Valley.

It has been a winding road for Scott Randall. But if there is one thing that has stayed the same throughout the years, it's his passion for hospitality management.

A native to the California Bay Area, Randall moved to Utah to get his degree in management of recreational facilities. He then worked for a resort in the Park City area as the director of activities.

"The resort in Utah is very similar to (Saratoga Resort & Spa)--but just larger. There was hot springs, activity golf course, snowmobiles, a spa. So it reminded me a lot of this place."

He and his family moved to Montana as Randall worked at Paws Up Resort near Missoula for three years. Randall then moved to be the general manager of the Pine Butte Guest Ranch in Choteau, Mont.

Finally, Randall arrived here in Saratoga.

Before moving here, the state of Wyoming was unfamiliar to Randall. However, he said that the small town life is far from foreign to him.

"(Saratoga) is very similar in size from the town I moved from," Randall said. "Choteau has about 1,800 people there. So pretty close to the same size. Although there, we lived 45 minutes outside of town. It's good to be back into a community again."

Randall also stated that opportunities for outdoor recreation in Saratoga was also a large incentive for his move here.

As for the Saratoga Resort & Spa, Randall said his goal for the resort is to use his expertise in hospitality management to improve where he can.

"Of course my objective is to help the ownership to their vision and help them to define that. The ownership would like to continue to improve the properties: the infrastructure, the facilities, and the things we offer in the way of activities and other amenities."

"I'm not one to come in and tip over the apple cart right away. It's best to step back and see what works a little at a time and work with those that have been here a while and maybe implement some of my experiences into the process and make improvements where we can," Randall added.

Randall is extremely excited to be an active member of the community. He previously worked as a volunteer fireman, EMT and as a Sheriff's deputy and said that he would like to get involved with the community in Saratoga as well.

While Randall's career has taken him across the Rocky Mountain West, he said that he, his wife, and his four children are enjoying Saratoga thus far.

"Everybody has been very welcoming here in Saratoga and very pleasant. It's been a nice transition."


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