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Mayor states his case for Ordinance 822



I would like to explain the reasoning behind Ordinance 822, as I said in the council meeting one of the main reasons for introducing the ordinance is the concerns I have over Conflict of Interest with board members discussing or voting on items that could be perceived as benefitting them. ( 9-13-106. Official decisions and votes. )

Other reasons for the introduction to the ordinance were the fact in the last year we have had to have police officers attend the planning meeting on occasion because of concerns for the behavior of board members or members of the public audience. Having visited with those officers that attended the meetings they did say that all though there were no apparent violations of the law the board members and members of the audience did not act in a professional manner.

Some of those board members that have resigned said that part of their reason for resigning was the behavior of board members and the fact that they weren’t getting much accomplished, except arguing with each other.

Additionally, the continued verbal attack on a city employee during the meetings, and the fact that Treasurer Joe Elder who was asked to take minutes for the meeting has on numerous occasions made comments to me concerning the board’s behavior. I have also had 3 of the 4 council members comment to me about the board’s behavior and additional comments that they have received about the behavior of the board from others.

We have board members trying to enforce particular ordinances, when in fact some of them have violated an ordinance or are violating those same ordinances that they are attempting to enforce on others. The comment was made to me “but they aren’t doing it on a daily basis” but the fact is its still happening.

The biggest concern voiced the night of the council meeting was that the ordinance would give the mayor too much power to remove people without council approval. I have no problem bringing the removal to the full council for consideration as suggested in Wyo Statue 15-3-204. If the time should come that I ask the council to support the removal of a board member I will present to them clear evidence of the questionable behavior, be it by tape recordings of those meetings, or by other documentation to show the reasoning behind my decision. As long as what the board members are doing is ethical, productive, and acting in a professional manner I have no reason or desire to remove anyone.

Mayor John Zeiger


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